Who we are

We're a team of product and engineering specialists who have been working on bespoke Risk & Compliance solutions since 2014.

We've been leveraging technology to deliver innovation for key players in the financial services sector, and together we've explored a wide range of processes and challenges.

In recent years we came together as Blue Anvil, with a focus on the use cases where we found the promise of technology to be unfulfilled.






There's a race to optimise risk management in many sectors, and it all relies heavily on technology. But the delivery of these services often resorts to large-scale, expensive an uninventive models.

Sanctions screening, for example, are now using much better data, but the business mindset and processes are moving at a much slower pace. At the same time, corporate intelligence has focused mainly on jurisdiction coverage and very little on output quality and process efficiency.

We believe there is untapped potential for both technology and open data, and that the risk management sector can be better served and more fairly priced.

Our work

At Blue Anvil we've proven that delivery success is built on empathy for the users, iterative processes and experimentation.

We believe that to deliver on the promise of technology, we must put the human users first, and allow them to make decisions with intuitive tools and meaningful data.

Our process is built on testing our deliverables against these values.

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