Data is the fuel, but the product is the engine

08 Nov, 2021 · By BlueAnvil Team

Company data is at the heart of a wide range of risk management and compliance processes, and its demand has created an almost saturated market. There are now corporate data providers of all kinds, from established Goliaths to disrupting Davids.

Most players, however, focus almost exclusively on country coverage and dealing with the limitations around getting corporate data from “challenging” jurisdictions. And, in fairness, some have made significant progress in abstracting the retrieval of these documents and making it work transparently across regions.

But the most common pattern we’ve seen is the over ambitiousness in trying to cover as many use cases as possible, which often generates mediocre process integrations and poorly designed tools. And it’s understandable: corporate data is a hard and expensive problem, so you want to be able to pivot and diversify.

So the usual challenge here becomes the integration between these providers and systems which serve specific use cases (i.e. all the systems on the planet that aim to be useful). We found that the way information flows between the myriad of systems at the consumer end of corporate data is one of the key contributors to value and efficiency. And sadly more often than not, this “integration” is delivered in the form of a cognitively overloaded analyst brain and a series of Excel spreadsheets.

The complexity of the business world and the challenges of managing corporate risk are only bound to increase, with climate change and global politics at the heart of this. In this world, the human analyst is both the main bottleneck and the biggest asset, and it’s where technology and product matter most. While no machine will ever replace the specialist’s brain, analysing corporate data can only evolve and scale with intuitive and reliable technology which acts as an extension of the analyst brain.

At Blue Anvil, we put data and product on an equal footing. We now live in the age of information, where, with enough labour, you can find out anything about everything. But it’s all meaningless without intelligence products being more … intelligent.

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Data is the fuel, but the product is the engine