Better and faster corporate intelligence with Open Ownership

07 Dec, 2021 · By BlueAnvil Team

We argued in the past that the network (graph) nature of the Open Ownership is very suitable for certain classes of problems. A typical corporate intelligence use case for this is identifying the companies within a holding or corporate group.

This isn’t straightforward with open data like Companies House, and few premium suppliers offer solutions to perform these types of queries. But with the Open Ownership data and our RDF vocabulary, this becomes a trivial task.

Below is an example of a very complex corporate group we’ve pulled with a single query which runs in milliseconds on commodity hardware. The information is real Open Ownership data anonymized on post-processing.

image 1

A more interesting use case is identifying the complete list of individuals controlling the target company or any of its parents - essentially all the UBOs up the ownership chain.

There are two stages to this solution: first, identify the ownership chain, up to the ultimate parent and thenFesta extract the UBOs for all the entities in that chain. Again, with the right data model and tools this becomes a frictionless affair.

image 2

As we’ve previously argued, adopting the right technology is as important as the data that enables it. Most of the industry supplying company information is firmly stuck in the relational database mindset and tooling. It’s about time we think about this data differently and the things it can do for us if we give it the right platforms.

Better and faster corporate intelligence with Open Ownership