Truintel: Deep intelligence on UK companies

09 Feb, 2022 · By BlueAnvil Team

As Britain is becoming a haven for fraudsters, money laundering and company incorporation fraud, vulnerable people are exposed to criminal offences and illicit gains are used to fund organised crime, human trafficking and modern slavery. All of which are a challenge to the financial sector and are becoming increasingly difficult to monitor.

Incorporations with Companies House’s run at record levels which, in turn, make any anti-fraud efforts that much more challenging. While there is certainly a mood for reform, it will be a while before we can see this in practice.

At Blue Anvil, we believe that there are steps we can take right now to help manage the risk assessment against companies registered in the UK.

To that purpose, we are building the most comprehensive tool for intelligence on British companies, using a wide range of datasets and with a focus on efficiency.

Truintel is a SaaS platform that allows you to fetch and PEP/S-screen UBOs and directors in one click, navigate corporate structures, view a company’s public contracts, political donations, and much more.

Read more about Truintel, or sign up for a free 7 day trial.

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Truintel: Deep intelligence on UK companies