We build web applications, system integrations and data processing pipelines.

The engineers at Blue Anvil are experienced in a wide range of technologies and platforms, and we're confident that we can either find or design the software stack that addresses your objectives most efficiently.

Solution consultancy and delivery

We offer complete solution design and delivery services, based on battle-tested approaches and with a focus on the problem's real cost to the business.

Our managed solution approach means that you don't need to operate your own infrastructure or be "tech-savvy" to benefit from our services.

Scoping and feasibility analysis

It's often difficult to decide if your business should invest in technology and which area would bring the most return on that investment. And getting quotes from suppliers is laborious, especially when all you need is ballpark figures to inform your strategy.

We'll look at your high-level objectives and current technology, and we can provide you scoping reports with orders of magnitude and rough deliverables.

Technical design and resource scoping

We know that having operational cost projections are key factors when making decisions about the future of your business.

So when you need further clarity and detail, we can deliver architecture blueprints, detailed resource scoping and approximate schedules, for one or more proposals and budgets.

Open source

Open source is the bread and butter of modern software development and we wouldn't be able to do our job without it. Whenever we can, we try to to give something back to this great community.

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