What we do

We build custom technology solutions to financial sector concerns like compliance, risk, and investigations. We can help you design your intelligence or risk management solution based on standard industry practices, including integrations with the established proprietary data providers.

We can provide you with complete product and workflow solutions, low-level data processing pipelines, or a combination of both. We support our solutions long term and we build things to last.

Our services are based on incremental delivery methodologies, minimizing your initial investment. We love working directly with the business and being involved in the early stages, even when the direction appears less clear - we take pride in our ability to define solutions that must account for unknowns.

Why we do it

There’s a race to optimise the way corporate intelligence is processed - whether for managing risk or for investigations - and it all relies heavily on technology. But the sector often resorts to large-scale, slow and expensive delivery models, which produce uninventive or inflexible outcomes.

We’ve seen how different areas of the sector have evolved differently, and there is certainly a demand for innovation.

Practices like Sanctions screening, for example, now benefit from better performing technology, but the processes and the business mindset around it have evolved very little. At the same time, the constant expansion of online media has made reputational risk very costly to manage, and it’s still very much a greenfield for FinTech.

Our expertise

We've spent years innovating products for key players in the financial sector and we have first-hand expertise with standard diligence and compliance processes, as well as corporate investigations.

We have a very good grasp of these aspects and are acutely aware of their implications on technology delivery.

At Blue Anvil, we’ve proven that the success of such solutions is built on healthy relationships, iterative processes, experimentation, and a proactive engagement with the business.

Last, but not least, our work over the years gave us a deep understanding of the practical challenges when working with the established actors in the financial market, as well as the disruptors.


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