We have a clear goal and we're looking for a technology partner

Great! If you need a web or mobile solution then we can definitely help.

Project scope

We can work with your team to figure out objectives and pain points, and design a solution that doesn't cost the earth. We have years of experience in engaging stakeholders and key people in the business and are always eager to learn about new sectors.

The output here is usually a comprehensive system design, including elements of user experience. We can also provide rough delivery schedules and projections for capital expenditure and long-term operational cost.

Delivery and operations

Assuming you're happy with our work, the investment proposal, and our relationship, we can deliver the complete service for you. We always design, build and run the systems ourselves and we never outsource.

We usually run our systems in AWS, but we're flexible and can work with other infrastructure landscapes. We'll also tailor a support service that matches the demands of your business.

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