We tried to deliver a technology project and failed

Well, any problem could be an opportunity in disguise.

You probably lost faith in technology or in people's ability to deliver it. We've sadly seen this way too often.

We have direct experience with the factors that cause software projects to fail. While it's almost always a combination of things, one aspect that shadows most is the dysfunctional relationship between the business and the supplier. This is why we try to start on the right foot and build a partnership first. And that's all about being honest about who we are and our values.

For more distressed projects, we can offer a "tough love" service (à la Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, with less swearing and no magic "relaunch" budgets). We know it's very hard to be honest about your failure without a fresh, outside perspective. More importantly, we firmly believe that all teams have a chance to succeed given the right tools and processes.

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